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Creating an intracluster SVM peer relationship

You can create SVM peer relationships between SVMs within a cluster for operations such as backup of SVM data within a cluster.

About this task

You cannot create intracluster SVM peer relationships for SVMs with Infinite Volumes.


  1. Use the vserver peer create command to create an SVM peer relationship.
    The following command creates an intracluster SVM peer relationship between the SVMs and, both residing on cluster2:
    cluster2::> vserver peer create -vserver -peer-vserver -applications snapmirror
    Info: 'vserver peer create' command is successful.
    An intracluster SVM peer relationship is created and is in peered state. Authentication is not required because the cluster is managed by a single cluster administrator.
  2. Use the vserver peer show-all command to view the status and other details of the SVM peer relationship.
    cluster2::> vserver peer show-all
                       Peer               Peer                   Peering
    Vserver            Vserver            State   Peer Cluster   Applications
    -----------       ---------------   --------- ------------- ---------------   peered    cluster2       snapmirror   peered    cluster2       snapmirror