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Displaying available nodeshell commands

You can obtain a list of available nodeshell commands by using the CLI help from the nodeshell.


  1. To access the nodeshell, enter the following command at the clustershell's system prompt: system node run -node {nodename|local}
    local is the node you used to access the cluster.
    Note: The system node run command has an alias command, run.
  2. Enter the following command in the nodeshell to see the list of available nodeshell commands: [commandname] help
    commandname is the name of the command whose availability you want to display. If you do not include commandname, the CLI displays all available nodeshell commands.
    You enter exit or type Ctrl-d to return to the clustershell CLI.

Example of displaying available nodeshell commands

The following example accesses the nodeshell of a node named node2 and displays information for the nodeshell command environment:
cluster1::> system node run -node node2
Type 'exit' or 'Ctrl-D' to return to the CLI

node2> environment help
Usage: environment status |
     [status] [shelf [<adapter>[.<shelf-number>]]] |
     [status] [shelf_log] |
     [status] [shelf_stats] |
     [status] [shelf_power_status] |
     [status] [chassis [all | list-sensors | Temperature | PSU 1 |
     PSU 2 | Voltage | SYS FAN | NVRAM6-temperature-3 | NVRAM6-battery-3]]