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Creating SVMs with FlexVol volumes for data access

You must create at least one SVM in a cluster to provide data access to the clients.


  1. Use the vserver create command with the subtype default and the is-repository parameter set to false.

    The following command creates an SVM with FlexVol volumes for data access in the IPspace ipspaceA:

    cluster1::>vserver create -vserver -subtype default -rootvolume root_vs0 -aggregate 
    aggr1 -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8 -is-repository false -ipspace ipspaceA
    [Job 2059] Job succeeded:
    Vserver creation completed
  2. Use the vserver show command to verify the status of the newly created SVM.
    cluster1::> vserver show
                                        Admin      Operational   Root
    Vserver          Type    Subtype    State      State         Volume     Aggregate
    -------          -----   -------    -------   --------     ----------- ---------- 
    cluster1         admin     -         -           -             -           -
    cluster1-01      node      -         -           -             -           -  data    default    running   running       root_vs0      aggr1
    SVM creation might fail if any intermediate operations such as root volume creation fail, and the SVM will be in the initializing state. You must delete the SVM and re-create it.


The SVM is created with a root volume of 1 GB, and it is started automatically and is in running state. By default, the vsadmin user account is created and is in the locked state. The vsadmin role is assigned to the default vsadmin user account.

After you finish

You must configure data access for the data-serving SVMs.