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Managing SVMs (cluster administrators only)

Cluster administrators can manage and administer the Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs, formerly known as Vservers) within a cluster. A cluster must have at least one SVM to serve data to the clients. Therefore, a cluster administrator must create and manage SVMs.

Cluster administrators can either choose to perform SVM administration tasks in addition to the SVM management tasks or delegate the administration of the SVMs to SVM administrators.

To manage and administer SVMs, you must understand what an SVM is, its benefits such as nondisruptive operation and scalability, and the associated management tasks.

A cluster administrator can perform the following SVM management tasks:
Note: Both cluster administrators and SVM administrators can view information about SVMs.

For more information about SVM administrator capabilities, see the Clustered Data ONTAP System Administration Guide for SVM Administrators.

Note: The Data ONTAP command-line interface (CLI) continues to use the term Vserver in the output, and vserver as a command or parameter name has not changed.