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Disabling the 32-bit capability

Before you can upgrade your cluster to Data ONTAP 8.3, you must remove all 32-bit data and disable the 32-bit capability. You must complete this task even if you have never created 32-bit aggregates on your cluster.

Before you begin

About this task

32-bit data can exist on your cluster even if you have expanded all of your aggregates to the 64-bit format.

Disabling the 32-bit capability (the last step of this task) should be done only when you are ready to install the new image and upgrade to the new version of Data ONTAP.


  1. Enter the advanced privilege mode: set -privilege advanced
  2. Check whether the 32-bit capability can be disabled: storage aggregate 64bit-upgrade 32bit-disable -check
    If the command output indicates that your cluster does not contain any 32-bit data, you can skip to step 4. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  3. Take the appropriate action or actions depending on the output of the previous command:
    If the command output indicated that you have... Then...
    Offline aggregates or volumes Bring them online and repeat the previous step.

    You can use the -force parameter to disable the 32-bit capability with offline volumes or aggregate, but you might not be able to bring them online again after you upgrade.

    32-bit data in one or more aggregates Find and remove the 32-bit data and repeat the previous step.
  4. Disable the 32-bit capability: storage aggregate 64bit-upgrade 32bit-disable
    The command output should indicate that your cluster does not contain any 32-bit data. If it does not, you must repeat this task.
  5. Return to the administrative privilege level:set -privilege admin