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Expanding an aggregate to the 64-bit format

If your system contains 32-bit aggregates, you must expand them to the 64-bit format before upgrading to Data ONTAP 8.3 or later versions, because those versions of Data ONTAP do not support the 32-bit format. This procedure is not supported for Data ONTAP 8.3 or later versions.

Before you begin

About this task

For volumes in a SnapMirror relationship, the destination volume inherits the format of the source volume while the mirror is intact. If the aggregate you are expanding contains a destination volume whose source is a 32-bit volume and you break the mirror before expanding the aggregate, the destination volume will be expanded to the 64-bit format. However, if you reestablish the mirror and the source volume is still 32-bit, the destination volume returns to the 32-bit format. For this reason, you must expand the aggregate containing the source volume before reestablishing the SnapMirror relationship if you want to expand all 32-bit volumes in the aggregate to the 64-bit format.


  1. Enter advanced privilege mode:set -privilege advanced
  2. Initiate the expansion: storage aggregate 64bit-upgrade start -aggregate aggr_name
  3. Depending on the result of the preceding step, take the appropriate action:
    If the command... Then...
    Initiates successfully Proceed to the next step.
    Indicates that one or more volumes could not be expanded because they did not have enough space Retry the command, adding the grow-all option.
    Indicates that the expansion could not be completed for some other reason Take the appropriate action, based on the issue outlined in the error message.
  4. Display the status of the expansion: storage aggregate 64bit-upgrade status -aggregate aggr_name
    The current status of the expansion is displayed. When the message indicates that there is no upgrade in progress, the expansion is complete.
  5. Optional: Confirm that all volumes in the aggregate are 64-bit format: volume show -aggregate aggr_name -fields block-type
  6. Return to administrative privilege mode:set -privilege admin


The aggregate is expanded to the 64-bit format. Even if all volumes are expanded, however, some 32-bit data can remain in the Snapshot copies. The presence of 32-bit data prevents an upgrade or transition to Data ONTAP 8.3 or later.