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Preparing storage systems for SnapMirror and SnapVault replication

You can use SnapManager with Data ONTAP SnapMirror technology to create mirror copies of backup sets on another volume, and with Data ONTAP SnapVault technology to archive backups efficiently to disk. Before you can perform these tasks, you must configure a data-protection relationship between the source and destination volumes and initialize the relationship.

A data protection relationship replicates data on primary storage (the source volume) to secondary storage (the destination volume). When you initialize the relationship, Data ONTAP transfers the data blocks referenced on the source volume to the destination volume.

Note: You cannot configure both a SnapMirror relationship and a SnapVault relationship on the same clustered Data ONTAP source volume. You must configure these relationships on different source volumes.

SnapManager does not support cascade relationships between SnapMirror and SnapVault volumes (Primary > Mirror > Vault). Use fanout relationships only (Primary > Mirror, Primary > Vault).