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Product overview

SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server is a host-side component of NetApp's integrated storage solution for SQL Server, offering application-aware primary Snapshot copies of SQL databases. You can use SnapManager with NetApp's SnapMirror technology to create mirror copies of backup sets on another volume, and with NetApp's SnapVault product to archive backups efficiently to disk.

Together these tools offer a complete Snapshot-based data protection scheme, as scalable, reliable, and highly available as the underlying storage system. The following illustration shows the components in a SnapManager deployment with clustered Data ONTAP:

This illustration shows the components in a SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server deployment. SQL Server hosts (VMware virtual machines, Hyper-V virtual machines, and physical machines) are connected to the primary storage system using the FC, FCoE, iSCSI, or SMB protocols. The primary storage system includes volumes containing SQL Server data and the Snapshot copies created from those volumes. The Snapshot copies are then replicated to a SnapMirror destination or SnapVault secondary.

SnapManager highlights

SnapManager features seamless integration with Microsoft products on the Windows host and with NetApp Snapshot technology on the back end. It offers an easy-to-use, wizard-based administrative interface.

In addition to these major features, SnapManager offers the following: