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Deciding where to send high-severity event notifications

Before you configure high-severity EMS event notifications, you need to decide whether to send the notifications to a email address, a syslog server, or an SNMP traphost.

About this task

If your environment already contains a syslog server for aggregating the logged events from other systems, such as servers and applications, then it is easier to use that syslog server also for high-severity event notifications from storage systems.

If your environment does not already contain a syslog server, then it is easier to use email for high-severity event notifications.

If you already forward event notifications to an SNMP traphost, then you might want to monitor that traphost for high-severity events.

Note: SNMP supports only a small subset of the high-severity events. The Technical Report NetApp Technical Report 4220: SNMP Support in Data ONTAP 8.2.x and Data ONTAP 8.3.x contains lists of all default events that are supported by SNMP.