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(FC) Setting up a SAN boot LUN on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

You can set up a SAN boot LUN to work in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment that is using the FC protocol.

Before you begin

Verify that your system setup supports SAN boot LUNs. See the Interoperability Matrix.


  1. Create a LUN on the storage system and map it to the host. This LUN will be the SAN boot LUN.
    You should ensure the following:
    • The SAN boot LUN is mapped to the host.
    • Multiple paths to the LUN are available.
    • The LUN is visible to the host during the boot process.
  2. Enable the BIOS of the HBA port to which the SAN boot LUN is mapped.

    For information about how to enable the HBA BIOS, see your HBA vendor-specific documentation.

  3. Configure the paths to the HBA boot BIOS as primary, secondary, tertiary, and so on, on the boot device.

    For more information, see your vendor-specific documentation.

  4. Save and exit.
  5. Reboot the host.
  6. Install the operating system on the SAN boot LUN.
    Note: For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 series, you must specify Boot Option as linux mpath during the operating system installation. When you specify linux mpath, you can see the multipath devices (/dev/mapper/mpathx) as installation devices.
  7. Install the Host Utilities.
  8. Configure DM-Multipath.