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(Hardware iSCSI) Configuring SAN boot on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

When you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can configure SAN boot LUN to use an iSCSI hardware initiator.


  1. Create a LUN on the storage system and map it to the host. This will be the SAN boot LUN.

    You should ensure that the SAN boot LUN is mapped, and multiple paths to the SAN boot LUN are available on the host. You should also ensure that the SAN boot LUN is visible to the host during the boot process.

  2. Set the Initiator IP Settings and Initiator iSCSI Name in Host Adapter Settings.
  3. Set the Primary and Alternate Target IP and iSCSI Name and Adapter Boot Mode to Manual in iSCSI Boot Settings.

    For information, see your HBA vendor-specific documentation.

  4. After making changes to the HBA BIOS, save and exit.
  5. Reboot the host.
  6. Install the operating system on the boot LUN and follow the installation prompts to complete the installation.
    Note: You should specify Boot Option as linux mpath during the operating system installation. When you specify linux mpath, you can see the multipath devices (/dev/mapper/mpathx) as installation devices.