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Configuring DM-Multipath to start automatically while booting

You can configure DM-Multipath to start automatically while booting. Depending on your version of Linux, you must enter different commands to complete the configuration.


  1. Add the multipath service to the boot sequence on the Linux host console:
    If you are using... Enter the following commands...
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 series and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 series systemctl start multipathdsystemctl enable multipathd
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 series and 5 series chkconfig --add multipathdchkconfig multipathd on
    Note: You should reboot the host if you are configuring a SAN boot LUN on the host.
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and 10 series chkconfig --add boot.multipathchkconfig --add multipathdchkconfig boot.multipath onchkconfig multipathd on
    Note: Hypervisors Oracle VM, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Citrix XenServer management stack ensure automatic start of multipath service.