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(Veritas) VxDMP restore daemon and LUN retries tunable configuration

It is a good practice to set the Veritas restore daemon values for the restore policy and the polling interval and the VxDMP tunable dmp_lun_retry_timeout to the Host Utilities recommended values.

The restore policy and the polling interval settings determine how frequently the Veritas daemon checks paths between the host and the storage system. At the time this document was produced, the Host Utilities recommended the following restore daemon settings:

Check the Release Notes to see if these recommendations have changed.

The tunable dmp_lun_retry_timeout tells the VxDMP to continue retrying I/O requests to a LUN where all the paths to the disk have failed. Setting this value provides for more robust handling of temporary path failures that are quickly restored. The recommended value for this tunable is 300, which means that the VxDMP continues to retry paths to the LUN until either the I/O succeeds or 300 seconds have elapsed.