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Starting DM-Multipath

You can start DM-Multipath manually to configure LUNs to work with it.


  1. To start the multipath daemon, enter the start command.
    If you are using... Enter the following command...
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 series # systemctl start multipathd
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 5 series, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Oracle VM # /etc/init.d/multipathd start
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server # /etc/init.d/boot.multipath start# /etc/init.d/multipathd start
  2. To configure the DM-Multipath devices, run the following command:# multipath
  3. Perform the following steps to enable multipath using Xen center or Xen CLI:
    1. Enter maintenance mode: xe host-disable uuid=<host UUID>
    2. Enable multipath: xe host-param-set other-config:multipathing=true uuid=host_uuid
    3. xe host-param-set other-config: multipathhandle=dmp uuid=host_uuid
    4. Release maintenance mode: # xe host-enable uuid=<host UUID>