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(iSCSI) Setting up target discovery on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 series

When you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 series, you can set up target discovery by editing the /etc/iscsi.conf file and adding the IP addresses of the storage systems you want to use as targets.


  1. Open the /etc/iscsi.conf file with a text editor.
  2. Configure the storage system as a target by adding the following line for any one iSCSI-enabled interface on each storage system that you used for iSCSI LUNs: DiscoveryAddress=storage_system_IPaddress
    storage_system_IPaddress is the IP address of an Ethernet interface on the storage system. You should specify an interface that is used for iSCSI communication.
    The following lines set up the storage systems with the IP addresses and as targets: