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(Veritas) Information about ASL error messages

The ASL works silently and seamlessly with the VxVM DDL. If an error, misconfiguration, or malfunction occurs, messages from the library are logged to the console by using the host’s logging facility.

The following table lists the importance and severity of these messages:
Message severity Definition Action required
Error Indicates that an ERROR status is being returned from the ASL to the VxVM DDL that prevents the device (LUN) from being used. The device might still appear in the vxdisk list, but it is not usable. Call Symantec technical support for help.
Warning Indicates that an UNCLAIMED status is being returned. Unless claimed by a subsequent ASL, dynamic multipathing is disabled. No error is being returned, but the device (LUN) might not function as expected. Call Symantec technical support for help.
Info Indicates that a CLAIMED status is being returned. The device functions fully, with VxDMP enabled, but the results seen by the user might be other than what is expected. For example, the enclosure name might change. Call Symantec technical support for help.