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Discovering new LUNs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 with DM-Multipath and software iSCSI

When you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 series with DM-Multipath and the software iSCSI initiator, you can discover new LUNs by reloading the iSCSI service on the host. Reloading the service displays all the newly created LUNs that have been mapped to the host.

About this task

You cannot view new LUNs until the operating system discovers them. After the LUNs have been discovered, they are automatically added to the DM-Multipath configuration.


  1. On the Linux host, reload the iSCSI service:/etc/init.d/iscsi reload
  2. Use the sanlun or iscsi-ls command to verify that the new LUNs have been discovered.