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Installing the ASL and APM software to support Veritas Storage Foundation

If you are using Veritas Storage Foundation for multipathing, you should install and configure the Symantec Array Support Library (ASL) and Array Policy Module (APM) for storage systems.

Before you begin

Note: In Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 series and later, InfoScale 7.0 series, the NetApp ASL and APM are included in the Veritas Storage Foundation product.

About this task

Only one version of the NetApp ASL and APM package can be installed on the host at any given time.


  1. Log in to the Linux host.
  2. If you already have the NetApp storage configured as JBOD in your VxVM configuration, remove the JBOD support for: NetApp # vxddladm rmjbod vid=NETAPP
  3. Install the ASL and APM according to the instructions provided by Symantec:
  4. If your host is connected to a NetApp storage system, verify the installation by following these steps:
    1. Run the following command:# vxdmpadm listenclosure all

      The output shows the model name of the storage device if you are using enclosure-based naming with VxVM.


    The vxdmpadm listenclosure all command shows the Enclosure Type as FAS3170 in this example:

    # vxdmpadm listenclosure all
    disk       Disk       DISKS     CONNECTED  Disk         1
    fas31700   FAS3170    80010081  CONNECTED  A/A-NETAPP  15
    fas31701   FAS3170    80010082  CONNECTED  A/A-NETAPP  15