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LUNs not recognized by DM-Multipath

LUNs are mapped to the Linux host and are correctly reported by the sanlun lun show all command. However, the LUNs are not reported by the multipath -ll command. Check to make sure the LUNs are not blacklisted (excluded) from the DM-Multipath support configuration in the /etc/multipath.conf file.

Enter the following command on the Linux host to display the devices that are blacklisted: multipath -v3 -d | grep blacklist

If any devices show up as being blacklisted, check the devnode_blacklist or blacklist section of the /etc/multipath.conf file. Ensure that all the entries are correctly specified.

If the devices are not blacklisted, but are still not recognized by the multipath command, regenerate the multipath maps by entering the following command: multipath -v3

For more information, see bug number 228744 on Bugs Online, which is available on the NetApp Support Site.