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(Veritas) What the ASL is

The ASL is a Data ONTAP-qualified library that provides information about storage array attributes and multipathing configurations to the Device Discovery Layer (DDL) and Veritas Dynamic Multipathing (DMP) components of Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM).

The ASL provides enclosure-based naming, where the name of the disk is based on the logical name of its enclosure, disk array, or a Storage Virtual Machine (SVM, formerly known as Vserver). The ASL provides specific vendor and model information to DMP and VxVM, instead of referring to them as JBOD or raw devices.

Note: You cannot use storage systems simultaneously as JBOD and vendor arrays. If you install the ASL, storage systems cannot be configured in VxVM as JBOD. They are reported as storage arrays, unless you explicitly exclude them by using the vxddladm exclude array command.